Wednesday, 7 November 2012


it is obvious..
the law of life...
if we keep taking from the earth and not nurture it in return, eventually, there will be no more for us to take and it will die..

friendship is no different

2012 in pictures

This has been the great stuff of my 2012 so far!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Passing Fortee

It seems quite clear to me now, that I went off the rails a little, turning 40.
People say all sorts of philosophical stuff to you when you turn 40 - I never received such words of wisdom turning anything else, so I knew it was more words of comfort than wisdom haha. If you are turning 40, I can tell you, it's fine- what can you do if it is not anyway?! Might as well enjoy it. It's not that it's great but it's alright. I am sure more words of wisdom will pour in when (and if) i turn 50 and so on ;-)

The nice thing about 40 is, like turning 30, things are less confusing. You know yourself quite well by now and even become quite set in your ways. Your frustrations are no longer directed at yourself but at everyone else! LOL

Anyway, now that 40 is passing, i feel like the storm is settling. 
I don't have to go mad anymore
And can sit back and enjoy my tea!