Monday, 13 June 2016


Last week, someone asked me if i ever got bored of teaching. I get asked this regularly. It has been 10 years after all, and, i believe, around 10,000 hours of teaching. 
Bored, no.
I also get asked often, how i stay inspired to do this every day enthusiastically :-D 

Truthfully, i am fuelled by people.
I love meeting people. I love chatting to people. I love connecting with people- which is why i love social media also. 

Every single time I walk into a space to teach, I am immediately lifted by everyone's presence- whether it's one or one hundred. No one class has ever felt the same, just like not one practice ever, just like not one day ever. My inspiration to teach comes from my love of watching people move, & even more so, watching as the practice unravels their realisation of their strength & brilliance. 

The only difference is that after years of teaching, I have my roots and am fully able to be authentic in my delivery. Delivering only what I know, what I practice and what I feel in my body and in my heart and what i truly believe. Not trying to be more, not trying to fit into anything, not trying to please anyone. Just serving the practice as i understand it. I am sure this helps keep the love for the work. And of course, the immense love of the practice itself!  <3 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Grow Together

When you find a teacher that resonates with you, inspires you and ignites your own fire, stick to them! There is so much to gain from working with one teacher. Give them the opportunity to get to know your body & what you seek from your practice. In this way, you open the gateway for them to serve you. The more time you give them, the more opportunity you will both have to grow together.
As a teacher myself, I am excited & grateful when a student is willing to stay. Through the times when i am interesting, entertaining and inspiring, but also when I seem to have nothing much to share (a digestion time or just an uninspired time!) The more I learn about someone's body, the deeper I get to study, the ways in which to support them in their practice. In depth understanding cannot be fostered in a short time and as a teacher, my study and progress can only be made when a student stays. Now in my 10th year teaching, I am confident to walk into any room to present a class to anybody, but on a general level. All the benefits of practice will be there; moving your body, feeling more focused & relaxed, feeling energised, feeling good about yourself, etc. Beyond this though, there is so much more to be gained from practice that can only attained when trust, understanding, connection & surrender is present, both ways.
Find your teacher, and give them & yourself, a chance- the old way.