Monday, 10 February 2014

take responsibility

My rowing coach's lovely words are still singing in my ears! "What can you do to make it better" Practice is so much the same, what can you do to make it feel better; more comfortable, more spacious, more sthira, sukham! Instead of blaming your body, or blaming the pose, or blaming the temperature in the room :-) What can you do to make it better? 

When you are less busy making excuses, you are more likely to become more receptive to what you can effect. Our body is so intelligent. It does not need someone else to tell us what the best alignment for our body is. We know when it is right. But in order to feel this, we first have to decide to take responsibility, and then practice getting so quiet so that we can start to hear what we really need to hear in order to take action.

:-) thank you coach!

Monday, 3 February 2014

yogi coach

This weekend, I had the pleasure of rowing with a crew, coached by a really lovely coach named David. It was my second outing with him. He tuts along by your boat and in his most gentle and precise way, coaches you. I feel incredibly relaxed when he is around. I think he has the perfect coaching voice! I would love to instruct like this some day. My friends, Victoria and Pake have that same voice....I am trying to describe it a little more precisely but am unable to find the words. It is like a guiding voice that instills trust. 
Anyway, it was one of these boats. And we were struggling to keep it from tilting to one side despite his many helpful instructing. Then he stopped us and said:
"The boat may be tilting because number 2's hands are too high or 3's hands are too low. But it is actually nobody's fault. You have to feel the boat as a team and feel what you can do to make it right."

I love it! Doesn't matter if you think you are right if you can make an adjustment to make it right for everyone (of course, this applies in this situation because it doesn't cause any harm) And I love this whole teamwork thing. A lot of the stuff I do- like yoga, squash, involves just me and myself. Getting out there and morphing into one, learning to share in responsibility is great stuff.

The club is recruiting new members now! Come try it! ;-)