Monday, 2 January 2017

Tending Your Warrior

Happy New Year dear friends...
As the new year approached, my whole happy, contented, balanced peaceful, holiday self was thrown into, quite frankly, annoyance, self doubt, regret, disappointment & some anger, annoyed to have to agree! And this too-- why am I annoyed at myself for being angry?? Who is trying to be perfect?? 

I am angry (was) 

My pet annoyance is judgement.
Especially from people who form their own conclusions without knowing or even attempting to at least seek some information before making a statement. I think that is just the pits. Oh wait....there's worse... judgement from people you trust. Hah! Heart wrenching! 

I accept that the universe probably felt like i was asleep and needed a little shake. 
Just like in my practice today when the teacher decided i looked too comfortable and came to put me in a different pose 😊 And with the little shake, the work began. 
How do i tend to my wounded warrior? 
With all the medicine that my teachers and their teachers and their teachers' teachers have shared 

Self inquiry
But also Feirceness 
Asana practice
Scripture reading
Recalling stories

I am re-emerging now after just four days. Of course, I can still feel the residue of it so I will keep going. It's also a great practice for me to get ready for my upcoming workshop 'Igniting The Warrior'

So here is what i want to share with you...

If you do something from your heart
If you love it
It doesn't matter what someone says about it
Don't let them dim your fire, even if everyone around you says it
Trust your feelings! Even if it is not popular!
Blow popular! Who cares!
Do it your way.
There is enough of the same grind out there.
There are people out there who have such an inflated sense of themselves that they will not be able to see any way beyond their own, as the superior way...
Do not be fooled into believing them right.
Walk your path...

As Krishna teaches us in the Bhagavad Gita
"It is better to do your own dharma even imperfectly, than someone else’s dharma perfectly"

Come and join me on the 21st January at Red Hot Yoga and I will share this practice with you and tell you what each medicine is about