Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Dear friends


Welcome to my new blog site! I felt it was time to consolidate all the blogs and practice a bit of simple alignment. I hope this site will serve you better in future. In the past, i had posted several blogs on short sequences, names of poses, etc but i think as the blog got a little older, the post just got lost. I will post them again soon and make them easier to find.

Please also accept my deepest apologies for cancelling classes on the 13th & 14th August, especially those of you who turned up for class. I just got so sick and could not stand upright for the two days. It really made me appreciate that for most of the time, I feel good, and not to take this blessing for granted. But I am really sorry never-the-less. On this note, please do keep me updated with your mobile numbers so that I can text you next time such a situation arises (hopefully not for a long time but you never can tell)

A quick reminder that we will break for a week soon from the 27th - 31st August. 
All classes resume on the 3rd September with the exception of the Wednesday morning Vinyasa class that will resume the week after on the 12th September. 

A HUGE heartfelt thank you to all who showed up at the 108 event and all who contributed in some way or another! We raised (so far) £400 for the Hamlet Centre and £113 for the foodbank! The weather was amazing and the place we (literally) saluted to the sun was so lovely and peaceful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These things only work with your support and we are very very grateful for it!

Some News

Time Change

Wednesday evening class will now run from 19:30 - 21:15
The extra time will allow us to incorporate some pranayama or meditation into the practice.
Looking forward to it!! 
(from September 5th) 

Yoga Gives Back

This year, the YGB global event runs on Saturday, 29th September 2012
As one of YGB's ambassadors, I will be hosting a class on the day, possibly with some guest teachers. Please do come along to support the cause. It will be no different from a weekend class except that all your fees go to YGB, it may be a longer class (maybe 2 hours) with more than one teacher - how fun does that sound? :-)
Please sign up as places may be limited. If we are very over subscribed than we may move venues (somewhere nearby)


I look forward to see you all on the mat


Friday, 10 August 2012


Today feels like a good day for another new beginning, so welcome to my new blog site! I felt like it was time to start a new space and consolidate my stories, newsletters and events under one blog so i can stop sending people on little trips around w.w.w. 

I choose the name for the site because, firstly, I love the two words and secondly for what it means to me. LOL

प्राण Prana - life force, energy, subtle energy

Pra - to fill
an  -  to breathe or to live

Prana is the reason everything moves, grows, lives. It is that that is all around us and within us. Yoga practice concerns the movement of prana. It is the sweet juice of life.

Giddy - silly, dizzy
(According to Thesaurus)

I am so grateful for this life! It is really just dizzy with prana! That is what this is about. 
I dedicate all my life and work efforts to my parents- my late father, who passed seven years ago today; my papa, my Guru and my best friend and my mum, who, tirelessly made everything happen for us. Without them, this giddy life would not be. 

"for as the earth comes from the waters, plants from earth and man from plants, so man is speech, and speech is AUM- this is the essense of essences- AUM is the Self of all"
Shiva Rea from The Upanishads, Chandogya Upanishad 

Shanti Shanti Shanti
peace peace peace