Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mentoring Giants

Staring at my page blankly.
A deluge of things I want to say..
My entire being is overflowing with gratitude
and is rendering me speechless.
Can't believe two months of my first mentoring program has passed.
Having previously mentored on TT programs, this was so different as nobody had to follow any program & our work just unfolded organically. It was personal & intimate. The group supported each other as much as I did them. I am so thankful to have been given this trust and this privilege to be a part of these guys' teaching path. To be given the space to share openly, truthfully with no fluff. These guys are amazing teachers supporting amazing students. There are really no words to describe what I was privileged to have witnessed. Only that I am so proud to be a part of the profession with these guys.. 

You have to be there to see it to understand it :- the connection between teacher and clients, the words shared with such sincere purpose, the attention to detail, the willingness to try something new. Some of these words sound like yoga cliche but this IS a yoga teacher's world. I have taken so much away from this myself.  

Honestly, it was not all easy. I had to stop a few times to question myself. If i am on the receiving end, would i want to hear this, how much do i want to hear or can bear to hear. It's not brutal, just brutally honest at times. But the most "brutal" of my teachers were the ones who had nourished me the most. And the kindest, most fun of my mentors had a way of being equally honest and raw with their feedback & these have always been food for growth. "No mud no lotus" I feel these guys are out there to keep the teaching tradition strong. After all, yoga practice is a lot about discipline and discipline is not easy. We don't need organizations setting us standards, we just have to uphold our responsibility. 

I feel that my goals for the group had been achieved, actually over and above what i had set out to do because the group put so much work into this collectively and individually. I am looking forward to my next group as so much of the program has evolved in this short time. Ultimately, i hope to build a small community of teachers that will continue to meet, support and learn from each other. Sharing their knowledge as a friend and peer. And i am looking forward to be a part of this group too. 

Link to my website for mentoring program here 

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