Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Vinyasa Bliss


Yoga asana practice is very much a moving meditation. It is a way to connect to that stillness within that yogis call bliss- the state from which life originated, that is within each and every one of us. Just as there are many layers in our thoughts, so too are there many layers of experiencing our body. In my experience, piercing through these later of experience begin to connect you to an awareness within where the lines begin to blur as to whether you are still experiencing something physical, something conscious or something more- like energy perhaps, or prana, your life force? Call it what you like, this place is a place of blissful awareness.

Adding the vinyasa element to your practice can help you connect to your practice in this way.  One of the meanings of vinyasa is ‘to consciously place in a special way’. It is a practice of mindfulness that can be honed using various “tools”. Where, how, when to place the eyes, ears, thoughts, breath, body or how to hold your space, your attention, your calibration, when things gets interesting.

It is not so much about making shapes – although there is nothing wrong with this as this is part of experiencing the layers of the body, but it is about experiencing how the breath, body, mind, takes you there and what happens when you are there, sitting in that energetic space. As we move through the layers of experience, more possibilities begin to open up. It is an endless field of feeling!  Each posture is a mudra, with its own energetic connotation. This is also there is an excitement about meeting challenging postures; finding new physical, mental and energetic connection through them. 

But there are krama's. These are steps. And our entire practice should also follow the krama's- only taking more when we are ready, when it is time.   
When you have connected to your energy in this “special” way, you tap into your fluid strength. This is a place where effort begins to look effortless, where strength feels light, power feels soft and you feel like you are tapped into a boundless supply of energy.

When you practice in this way, you are always practicing, even when we step off your mat. It becomes a part of your consciousness. A way to twist & turn & adjust with your space, so that there are less moments of feeling stuck, on and off your mat.

I am positively nuts about vinyasa. It's roots, its philosophy, it's gifts & it's complete encompassment of everything in life! I'd like to think that I live my life through vinyasa! I am so thrilled to be sharing this passion soon! I have been incredibly lucky to have studied with some amazing teachers who have shared their passion for this practice especially Shiva Rea, Simon Park, Claire Missingham, Sianna Shermann & Jivamukti yoga teachers. I feel the calling now to do the same. I was asked to describe, why study this with me? I can only say its a personal choice. On my part, i will keep the group small enough that you will not feel lost in the group ever. You will always have direct contact with me for your questions, whether in person or by email. I do not take this responsibility lightly and will pour my heart into offering you everything i have ever accumulated in my 20 years of study. I hope to meet you on the path 

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